Theo James Was Kind Of A Hot Mess On "Watch What Happens Live" — And Minus The Offensive Joke, I Loved It

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This post contains discussion of eating disorders.

Honestly, though, Theo James was a bit of a hot mess. Like, I kinda loved it (minus the ED joke):

1. During a segment of "Pillow Talk," Theo said he likes nipple play. "I like a nipple tweak. I have to say — I quite enjoy that."

Bravo / Via @MarlowNYC / Twitter: @MarlowNYC

2. He made this joke, which got like a few laughs? IDK, it's kinda funny, I guess??

3. He then made an offensive joke:

4. He said he felt THIS emotion when seeing Cameron's prosthetic penis for the first time:

5. As a lover, he described himself as fluid, which lit Gay Twitter on fire:

Theo James describing himself as "hungry, explosive and fluid" oh my god... someone put me in a room with him I'm begging

03:03 PM - 13 Jan 2023

Twitter: @aidanthereup / Via Bravo

6. As for what scene "gets him going" the most, he said:

7. When Meghann Fahy jokingly half-confirmed she might be dating Leo Woodall, he let a big "Wooo!"

8. When asked about Prince Harry's tell-all book and press tour:

9. When he found out his White Lotus costar Adam DiMarco said he can punch him in the face and step on him, Theo said:

10. When asked if he would play George Michael in a biopic:

You can watch the full episode on Peacock now.

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